Canada's Wonderland

Open May through October 2013

Just a short drive north of the downtown core in Toronto is Canada’s Wonderland, one of the most diverse amusement parks on the continent. The huge park offers over 200 attractions including North America’s greatest variety of roller coasters, two fun-filled children areas and exciting live entertainment. Adding even more fun is Splash Works, Wonderland’s massive 20-acre water park featuring White WaterBay - Canada’s largest outdoor wave pool, a ¼ mile Lazy River, water slides aplenty, and an exciting children’s splash area. 

Each year Canada's Wonderland adds new attractions and the summer of 2012 is a record setter.   Leviathan (watch the video for a simulated experience!) - is now one of the tallest and fastest roller coasters in the world and is drawing coaster enthusiasts from around the world to Toronto. Also, a new seven-acre Jurassic themed environment, Dinosaurs Alive, features over 40 life-sized animatronic dinosaurs. These handcrafted, life-like creations replicate nearly every feature of dinosaurs, right down to their skin-like exteriors.

Check out the amazing Behemoth Roller Coaster at Canada's Wonderland.


Don’t miss the White Water Canyon ride. Full of powerful rapids that propel giant rafts through cavernous caves and sharp rocks, and hidden geysers wait to soak the unsuspecting rafter, this is a great water ride for the hot summer months ahead.

Toronto Canada's Wonderland Roller Coasters

With 15 Roller Coasters these amazing rides are the main attraction at Wonderland. Only amusement park giants Disney and Six Flags have more.

The big news is the new coaster at Wonderland called the Behemoth. Built at a cost of 26 million dollars, it rises 230 feet and the ride reaches 77 mph over a mile long track. Enjoy the intense coaster experience of the Behemoth.

  • The Bat Roller Coaster – A steel shuttle-coaster with two loops and a cobra roll
  • Dragon Fire Roller Coaster – A steel double-loop, double-corkscrew coaster with a downward helix
  • The Fly Roller Coaster – A wild mouse roller coaster
  • Italian Job: Stunt Track – A powered-launch steel coaster
  • Leviathan- The tallest and fastest steel coaster in Canada
  • Mighty Canadian Minebuster Roller Coaster – A wooden coaster with modified out-and-back layout which is Canada’s longest wooden roller coaster
  • Sky Rider Roller Coaster – A steel stand-up coaster, with one loop and a downward helix
  • Thunder Run Roller Coater – A steel coaster with no lift
  • Tomb Raider: The Ride Roller Coaster – A steel flying laying down roller coaster
  • Top Gun Roller Coaster – A steel inverted-loop coaster with 5 inversions
  • Vortex Roller Coaster – A steel suspended coaster
  • Wild Beast Roller Coaster – A wooden, modified Bearcat/Wildcat, built by Philadelphia Toboggan Company

There are three excellent non-coaster thrill rides at Wonderland you'll want to enjoy. They are the Psyclone, Drop Zone, and Sledgehammer. Book a Wonderland hotel room package and enjoy great summertime fun attractions in Toronto, Canada.

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